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SERIOUS ABOUT INVESTING? TRAIN WITH TODD I f you are serious about investing in real estate, sooner or later you’ll connect with Todd Dotson. Todd Dotson is known for training the trainers. If you’ve been in real estate, or you’ve been search- ing for the right system or mentor, chances are you’ve already come across a number of Todd’s former students or coaching clients. They include some of the most well-known names in the investing space, top educators, and at least one who has been responsible for launching not one, but four Inc. 500 companies. He’s the real deal. THE HOW-TO GUY Todd, the head of Tactical Real Estate, and several other companies, is not the ‘Why Guy’. He is the ‘How- To’ Guy. He isn’t into fluffy theoretic ideas about invest- ing or just motivating you (though he will). He’s known for showing you practical actions that can be put into play to start doing deals immediately. He makes it simple, and even gives you the tools to do it. He has proven systems for getting started and grow- ing, and is generous with complimentary l ead lists of properties, lenders, and buyers, that you can use to just start working instantly on the spot. No matter where you are at, from just beginning to already doing 100 plus deals a year, Todd can relate, and he can give you an action plan on the spot, and he’s done deals in every major market in America. INSANE VALUE You might liken Todd Dotson and his team to the Harlem Globe Trotters; he is always playing away games (in different markets training investors across the country), and he always wins as he empowers his attendees to do real deals. Tactical Real Estate may be most well-known for wholesaling, but whether you are interested in whole- saling ugly houses, flipping pretty houses, or even new homes as rentals, or just build a business, you’ll find something to help you take the next step. Lots of people talk about “adding value,” yet we are already inundated with information overload. Todd just PAGE 86 • 2017 shows up and delivers with real tactics and application. For example; he is now offering a FREE two-day training, where you’ll see more, and do more in real estate than ever before. This is the type of training most trainers like to make into a highly-expensive paid upgrade. GET PAID Currently Todd is proud to be partnering with Realty411 to present www.GetPaid411com. It’s a big personal and team investment, that provides live FREE real estate success train- ing. It is 2 days of priceless how-to application that will empower attendees to flip a property in just seven days! You’ll come out with a proven direct action system, lead lists, and knowing exactly what to do next. It's avail- able now for readers, just sign up at www. v