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Since then, I’ve come to see how useful and valuable a properly struc- tured, dividend-paying whole life policy can be, when issued from a mutual life insurance company that offers non-direct recognition loans. This vehicle helps my clients over- come the inertia of opportunity cost, accumulate a powerful war-chest of capital, and deploy liquid capital for their real estate ventures. It matters where your money lives. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLAN- NER™ I have investigated nearly every financial strategy available to investors. Well over 400+ products are available and tens of thousands of uses of those products have been hocked and sold to folks looking for that golden goose that will just help them sleep better at night. Financial pundits and Wall Street advisors will tell you that whole life insurance is the devil, and while I’m sure I’ll be ostracized by mainstream financial advisors for saying this, I think every person should at least KNOW that becoming your own source of financ- ing through a properly structured whole life policy is an option worth investigating for yourself. Besides, if mainstream financial advice got us into the mess we are in, maybe it’s time for a new way of thinking! We’ve had two major market crashes since the year 2000. Do you think another one will happen in your lifetime? Do you want your reaction to the next mar- ket crash to be the same as the last one? If you’d like to not only protect yourself from the next recession, but actually anticipate and take advan- tage of it, prepare for it now by doing what the banks do, not doing what they tell you to do. Banks purchase a huge amount of life insurance to run their businesses. Prepare by becoming the banker by using a form of capital that banks themselves take advantage of (Goo- gle “Bank Owned Life Insurance” to see what I YX[K[XY[Hx&\H[HZYHو[\[[X[[[Z]K]\[ۙH\YZ[Z\ JH[Y\[X[\]HX\\H[[Y][ˈ[\Y[\B\\X][Z\؜˂][XYوX\[[XYوY[H[\[[H\[X[K[x&]H\X\Y[\[\[\ۈ\Hو\][ \[H\[YH[[\\H\YۙYYH[\[HXK[x&\H[۝ [[HYHHX[\]H[Y\ܘ\[[XYوX\[HYHܝ[]K[Hܜ”X[M LQZYKBBBH[\ۈXx&\\ [][ MH^\[\Xx&\\[YH\\X\]Y[[\[˜X[[[x&]H\][˂^؛Y][ۜݙ\Y[Y\K[H\B[۝ ]\[و]\YKH[و]\BYH[Hۋ[H[ܜH[\XH[[]H]X\[[\\\Y[HYZHH[[HXY]Y ]8&\H\HX]\Hٝ[Z\[B\[ݙ\YH[[\[HY[˂[[]8&\\H[\[Y[Y[HXK[Hݙ\YHHY\\H[H[[X[[KB\H Hܝ[]H [][[H[[\\Y\[ܛ H]\Y[Y\Y\Hۙ\وHܛ [H[^H[\XHXۈ[\ۈ\\[[Y[HK[H[][XZB[H[ܙH܈\\]]]H\[[\܏[\[[H][ܙH[\[\[X]^Z[HYوYH H\YYX[^[\^Z[›ٙX X[[X[]X][ۈ[]XZB[HHH[\•HۛH[]\[Z[XYH\HB[\[[x&\HHۙH[[H[X[\B\x&\[ܙH\[\X[\HۙH˜[[\[[\[H^K[[\[HY[ [\Z[H[[Y]\H]H]\X\و\]YK[[H۸&][][\[ۙ^H][8'x&[\H]8'HY\܋Y[x&YZH[Y[ۙB\Y[XX[HZ[Y[]]ܚ^YKBYX[H\YۈH[ۈ[\[XH\\ܚXYXݙKX\H۝X\][ZYܛ H8"[\] KN NMNLM KQH H8( MBBBBUPSXY˘