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PROSPECTING Social Media Marketing Statistics and What They Mean For Real Estate Businesses D By Leon McKenzie, CEO, US Probate Leads id you know that there are a total of 2.789 billion social media users in the world? Did you also know that 81% of all Americans have a social media profile currently? Impressive, isn’t it? It is precisely because of the popularity of social media that you should incorporate this platform within your marketing campaign. If you don’t, you are going to lose a lot of potential customers and home sellers who would otherwise have helped boost your business. But before you make a foray into social media, here are some social media statistics and their implications that you would do well to pay attention to: 1) 21% of For Sale by Owner Homes (FSBO) Will Be Marketed Via Friends, Relatives, and Neighbors According to the National Association of REAL- TORS™, FSBOs accounted for at least 8% of all home sales by 2015. What is significant is the fact that many of these homeowners looking to sell will use their friends, relatives, and neighbors as mouthpieces to mar- ket their properties. > WHAT THESE NUMBERS IMPLY Many of the people who will help a homeowner sell a home not only have offline relationships, but online ones as well. That means that they will talk about the homes that are available for sale with people in their so- PAGE 74 • 2017