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Dodd Frank. Yet, it is true that that are new rules and compliance regu- lations. Specifically, sellers are re- quired to use third party licensed RMLO (Residential Mortgage Loan Originator) services to facilitate the transaction. Even where this isn’t a legal mandate, investors need to know their re- sponsibilities for qualifying borrowers, maintaining documents, and the terms which can be offered or which may trigger issues. The services of an RMLO com- pany can provide clarity on this, as well as organization, help with the labor of dealing with prospects and managing the paperwork, as well as empowering investors with the understanding of what makes truly valuable notes in the secondary market space. BEST STRATEGY FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTORS Offering owner financing packs a lot of benefit for inves- tors. First of all, it can help speed up sales. Real estate ads pro- moting seller financing can get a lot of attention. More investors, renters, and regular buyers are seeking them out. This not only helps to move property fast, but can also help boost resale prices. These buyers are typically more payment sensitive than price sen- sitive. This can yield a superior ROI. The creation of a new asset in the seller-financed mortgage note also provides the ability to enjoy steady streams of high-yield passive income, along with the flexibility to cash in and reclaim lump sum payments by reselling the note or portions of the pay- ments. Of course, one of the best and most important benefits of this real estate strategy is helping others. Offering seller financing is a great service that helps indi- viduals and families to enjoy the advantages of homeownership, while supporting local neighbor- hoods. 1. STATEMENT OF COMPLI- ANCE 2. QUALIFIED MORTGAGE REPORT 3. CREDIT REPORT 4. PROOF OF INCOME 5. REQUIRED LOAN DISCLO- SURES 6. SUPPORTING UNDERWRIT- ING DOCUMENTS 7. CLOSING DISCLOSURE At Texas Pride Lending, these services are reasonably-priced and can be paid by either the seller or buyer at the time of closing. Most important; this RMLO can turn around files in as little as 24-48 hours. RMLO SERVICES BY TEXAS PRIDE LENDING Texas Pride Lending is a state licensed RMLO providing many of the previously mentioned services to local, national, and international property investors. These services help to keep investors compliant, minimize their risk, stay organized, and to maximize their profit poten- tial, without breaking regulations. Texas Pride Lending does this by providing pre-qualification and verification of borrowers and their key information, preparing THE NEW RULES OF SELLER FINANCING While seller financing is at- tractive to both buyers and sellers, there are some challenges for investors. The biggest is just the murkiness and uncertainty of the legalities of offering seller financ- ing today. The institution of the Dodd- Frank Act wreaked a lot of havoc on this sector. It sowed a lot of confusion and misinformation. Seller financing is still legal under The RMLO underwriting package provided by Texas Pride Lending includes: the required loan disclosures and documents, all within 48 hours! They also assist in connecting investors to friendly, competent service providers for title and loan servicing. v Executive director of Texas Pride Lending, Sarah Montes has over 10 years experience in residential mortgage lending and owner financing. As one of the true specialists in this area, with a network of equally experienced professionals to serve investors with their needs for servic- ing and closing loans, investors will be hard pressed to find a resource as valuable for making seller financing work. Find out more about this RMLO or get in touch to get your next deal on the fast track to closing, visit: or call 800.515.0445 or visit: 14114 North Dallas, Parkway, Suite #160, Dallas, TX 75254 PAGE 73 • 2017