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T Things to Look for When Comparing Syndications he increase in popularity of real estate investment syndications (crowdfunding) in the last few years has presented huge opportunities to investors look- ing to invest in multifamily and commercial prop- erties for passive income. As syndications are a way to pool money from multiple investors to accomplish a common investment goal. In real estate, this typically involves pool- ing equity to purchase a property, frequent ±δ±•Ω•Ι…•έ₯Ρ „)½΅΅•Ι₯…°±½…Έ°έ₯Ρ Ρ‘”₯ΉΡ•ΉΡ₯½Έ½˜₯΅ΑΙ½Ω₯Ήœ½Θ‘½±‘₯Ήœ₯Π€ψ)I•…±ΡδΠΔΕΥ₯‘”Ή½΄($($)A€ΨΔƒŠˆ€ΘΐΔά$($($($)Ι•]1Q!΅…œΉ½΄