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REIA CLUB Discover the All NEW BREIA / MD-REIA Mentorship Program Learn about the only mentor program in the country that puts up 100% of the funds for every student’s deal! What are the 3 reasons why you should choose a local mentor? Real Estate investing has become one of the most popular ways to get out of the 9-to-5 lifestyle and become financially free. Have you ever heard the saying: There are more self-made millionaires through real estate than all other industries combined? Since the explosion of popular television programming based on people making a lot of money flipping real estate, there are even more people today that are trying and succeeding in the business. Part of the reason for this, and based on the popularity of these television shows, is the fact there are more so called “gurus” or “men- tors” for real estate inv \[[]\H]\B[YH[H]ۈXX܈[UXK\B\[Y\\[Y[܈Y[ۙH][XX[HXYHX\[\BY\\[Z\8'\[x'KHY\[[\܈\H][ۘ[Y[ܜ[Z\8'\[\'K\H[HXKBۜH[H[HH[Y[܈BTHTHH PTӔHSHSHHSQSԋKHSTQSԈT•HPTPHB[X\[[HYK]\[[[\XH›]H[H[ۈZ[[[Y[H\˂\\\XX[HYH܈X[\]H[\[ˈ[\Y[܈\HXH[HH\\[ ]\[H[ܙHو[\[X\\[Y[ܚ[˂X[HوH[Y]H][ۘ[Y[܈KBZ[وZ[XHXX[H۝XZ\Y[܂]]Y\[ۜ˂[ܙH[\ܝ[K[]Y\[YH]H B\H[۝X\܈Hٚ] Z\Y[܈\\H[[HYX]HHX[[[H B\K][YH][ۘ[Y[܈ܘ[H\Yۜ[B[[\܈[[\]K\H\]XX\[BYZ[]^H[H[H[ܙHX\XKHSTQSԈTUBVTQSHSSTPTUBY[H\H[\\\[\ۈ^\۸&][H[][XZH[H]HHY[܂]XX[H\\\[\ۏو\H]X[M LQZYKBBBQH 8( MBBBBUPSXY˘