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SUMROK’S SUCCESS STUDENTS’ STORIES <<< months “In less than 10 Brad’s train- after attending purchase of ing, we led the ahoma for 214 units in Okl d’s Mento- $7,350,000. Bra made every- ring Program r us.” thing so easy fo and - Tariq Sattar Iven Vien (Above): Brad’s Weekend Apartment Investor Training in Dallas with over 400 attendees from all over North America and the world. (Above): Brad and Jennifer Sumrok produce and host ձѥɽѽ̰ݡ)ٔɽݸѼѡЁձ)ѽ́ѡ() ɅqQ)ѵЁ-t)́ɽչ)ո٥)ݡɔͼ)Ս͙հд)Ёٕѥ)Ց̸(+q] ɅéɽɅ)ݕɔɥ͕Ё)եѡ́ȁ̸)]ݕ Ʌéɽ́)͕ݼե́ѽх)չ́9܁5᥍)ݥ Ʌéѕ)Ёͼ䇊t(q$݅́ͽє)ȁݡɍ͕(ȵչЁɽݥѠ͕ٕ)ѡȁٕѽ́$Ё) ɅéAɽɅQݼ啅)ѕȁݔͽѡɽ)ѡٕѽ́ɔѡ)Չѡȁ今t(Q1(5Aѕȁ!(ݥѠѹȁ ɥ́I͠(+q Ʌ́䁄ȵչЁɽѡЁѥ䁍͠)ݕٕȀ̰ȁѠѕȀ́啅̰ݔɕ)ձЀх൙ɕ]ѥݸаٕٔ(ե䰁͠܁ٕȀ̰ȁѠQ)ȁٕ̻tA山́-Mٕͽ)Iե($($)Aߊ$($($($)ɕ]1Q!