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President Trump has been very vocal about easing the ability to lend and borrow, specifically for home buyers and small businesses. the reversal of numerous Obama-era policies. Brace yourself: More change seems imminent. Focusing on the facts; what we do know is that there has been a big shift in both the energy sector and jobs. It appears that there is now far more support for old energy. That includes support for the Keystone XL pipeline and entrenched automakers. Several major auto manufacturers have already pledged to reverse direction, and expand plants and jobs in the US, to the tune of billions of dollars in investment, and tens of thousands of jobs. That’s on top of the almost 300,000 jobs added in February 2017, which beat estimates by almost 30%. Infrastructure investment, a stronger job market, and hopefully rising wages, could all lay a great foundation, and become a launch pad for a far more robust American economy in the years ahead. THE REAL ESTATE PRESIDENT If there is one thing that virtually everyone can agree on, it is that Trump should be great for real estate. One must assume he ought to act in the interest of his main passion and investment of choice. The real estate market is going strong with foreclo- sures down, inven- tory tightening and interest rates still being historically low. Funding crite- ria is also loosening up with stated loans and other creative funding products returning. Despite all the tales of bankruptcies, the conspiracy theories and fake news, Trump remains a real estate legend. That belief has already shown up in the market This fresh confidence in the market has set off a new surge. The idling market, which had appeared set for a dip, got wings in January, setting a 10-year record for home sales, according to NAR (National Association of REALTORS ® ). Wells Fargo and the National Association of Home Builders simultane- ously reported a bump in sentiment, and new highs in home buyer activity, with a bright outlook for PAGE 30 • 2017