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STRATEGY 3 OFFBEAT Investments to Consider by Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq. W hen most people think of investing in real estate, homes, mini-malls, or apartment buildings may come to mind first. However, that's only the tip of the real estate investment iceberg. Consider the following offbeat real estate investing opportu- nities. These investments can provide a significant return in the long run and may very well alter your financial future. 1. RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (RV) Believe it or not, RV rentals and sales is a very big market. With baby boomers leaning into retirement and young families seeking a way to lessen their vacation costs, many people are willing to buy or rent an RV. • If you're hoping to purchase an RV to save money on your family vacations, keep the RV until it makes sense to sell it. Make routine cosmetic updates to the RV throughout the years to match the expectations of buyers. • Consider renting out the RV for a profit. The RV rental market is hungry with renters, but is much undeserved. You can easily rent out a class C motor home for 7-nights for a minimum of $125 per night! If you're fully booked every week out of the year, you can earn $46,000 in just one year! • For a class A RV you can charge in upwards of $200 per night, or $1,400 for a seven-day week, which equates to $73,000 over the course of a fully booked year. Pop-up campers can be rented for as much as $75 per night - or just over $27,000 for a fully-booked year. > PAGE 21 • 2017