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How To SUPER-SIZE Your Rents, ~ While Helping Others ~ G ene Guarino has found a real es- tate investment niche, which can more than double the cash flow potential of a property. How does he do it? Could it work for you too? Gene started investing in real estate at 18 years old. He has done everything from fix and flip, buy and hold, wholesaling, com- mercial and everything in between.  Fifteen years ago, he stumbled on a way to super-size rents and net investment income as Gene Guarino is a national speaker, educator and founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy. he was problem-solving a challenge for his own family. Now, he’s teaching live and many will also need assis- his solution to investors all around tance with their ADLs.  the world. The demand and need is huge now, and it is an unstoppable wave > SUPPLY & DEMAND > of opportunity. There are around 77 million > CREATIVE PROBLEM boomers turning 65.  With 10,000 SOLVING > people a day turning 65 and 4,000 turning 85 years old each day.  In Gene Guarino experienced this for fact, this “Super senior” group is himself, firsthand.  When his mother the fastest-growing demographic in needed this type of assisted living America. help. She didn’t like the ‘big box’ As we continue to live longer, offerings out there. Neither did Gene.  the over 85 population is expected He wanted to ensure his mom was to surge by 300% in the next few taken care of in a “home-like” atmo- years; 70% of these retirees and sphere.   seniors are going to need help with It isn’t always practical or logis- their activities of daily living or tically possible for us to give them ADLs. They will need a place to article by Tim Houghten what they want and take care of the rest of our families. Gene’s mom wanted to keep living in a regular home. Liv- ing alone just wasn’t viable, and didn’t make sense, as will be the case for millions of others. As with all other great innovations, Gene stumbled on his life’s calling, and an innovative solution for in- vestors, by solving this need he felt firsthand: “Significant residual income and helping other people” Today, Gene trains thou- sands of real estate investors to secure their own great retirement, while helping others live well during theirs. For some that may include their own parents. What he discovered was the ability t 7V&R6fW'B@W&FR&W6FVF767FVBƗfpR6vRf֖ǒR( @vfW2&W6FVG2BǒFRBFWVVB'WB6f"&R6f'BЦ&RBg&VFǒ76RFƗfRvFvB6F6RFw26&R&6VW72BFBvRBf"FPV6Rb֖Bf"f֖ǒV&W'2BBǒVWFVBƖfR'WBVWBV&R2vVFRfW&vR&W6FVBB$RFRU22C2cW FF7FFW&RBvfPb""WfVb"&P6FVVBr#