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The Trump Economy, pg. 31 Be a Maverick, Do it Different, pg. 90 in lending as interest rates and prices rise. TWEETER IN CHIEF For those real estate pros and in- vestors looking for the best ways to claim their share of the massive op- portunity in the current market, the President’s affinity for Twitter can’t be ignored. In fact, some might argue he single handedly saved the social network from going down the same slope as MySpace. If you want to continue to stand out as a real estate investor, agent, broker, or realty service profession- als, it’s important to maintain vis- ibility and hold onto market share. Social media marketing is a must. Just don’t ignore the opportunities in print, email, SEM, and engaging live in-person as well. 2020 AND BEYOND Overall it appears that we can expect great things from the real estate market between now and the run up to the 2020 election. Now is definitely the time to make big moves that will pay off in the Trump economy. Lenders are making that even easier for inves- tors who take the time to look up their financing options. Just keep an eye on affordability, and stocks. If there is a new stock market collapse and bursting tech bubble, we can expect a short land rush, and then property prices being pushed to new limits. While scandals may surround the Trump Administration and his political style is unorthodox, his impact on the nation’s economy has been a favorable one thus far and real estate and stock investors are reaping the rewards. v the challenges in our life. It is the covering up and the avoidance of stepping up to admit the wrong that causes most of the heartache. Be willing to be wrong. Admit you’re wrong. Move on with living life to its fullest. As an international speaker, trainer, business consultant, and coach to entrepreneurs and real estate investors all over the world, it is these KEYS that have made the real difference in my life. These Keys are just some of the pieces to living life the Maverick Way to create The Maverick Difference in your life. When you like this and are look- ing for more, please go to www. for a free book of additional keys to ensure your journey is a successful one. v failure that keeps most people stopped and stuck in life. It is what holds you back from living life to its fullest. Every success story includes failure and most often massive failure. You most likely will not receive the abun- dance you are looking for without it. AND the avoidance of failure will always leave you with less than. Go ahead and fail yourself to massive success. 5 - LASTLY, BE WILLING TO BE WRONG! - Paul, wait, you promised me six lessons. Yes, I know and I made a mistake to stress the importance of lesson number five. Be willing to be wrong and then step up and admit it. I have observed through my own experiences and coach- ing thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, everyone makes mistakes, everyone does something wrong every so often. Doing the wrong thing is NOT what causes the majority of PAGE 122 • 2017 Written by Paul Finck, The Mav- erick Millionaire ®. Paul coaches real estate investors on how to double their results. Get connected to Paul at: