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Armando Montelongo is Ready to Reclaim his Throne The OG of house flipping, Armando Montelongo, is BACK with a new television show, new houses to flip and the same ‘don’t-give-a-#%&$!’ attitude that made him famous. Armando first burst onto the scene in 2006 with a nearly three-year run on “Flip This House,” and then largely steered clear of television. He made a few appearances, including a 2015 episode of CBS' "Undercover Boss," and some others. He took a few minutes to discuss what he has been doing, the status of a lawsuit against him and if there’s still room for him in the world he created. Q: You’re the guy who started this flipping craze on TV. How has house flipping changed since then? A: When “Flip This House” ended in 2008 and the market changed, people thought it would be impossible to find deals. The very few educated people -- who came through my company -- were doing extremely well. Now, what's happening in to- day's market, is you have a bunch of really unedu- cated people attempting to flip houses. Before, it was really easy to get deals. Now it's still easy to get deals safely -- if you know what you're doing. But if you don't have a clue what you're doing, you're going to lose money in today's marketplace. Q: You have been approached to do a number of house flipping shows. Why haven’t you done them? A: I have been focusing on setting up the largest real estate network in the country. We have taught close to 20,000 house flippers and we have been focusing on the success of our students. Q: So is that why Inc. magazine named you the fastest-growing education company in America? A: I believe so. At the time, our company was young. It took all our focus to teach our students. We didn’t have the capacity to do teaching and television, we had to make a choice. We chose our passion > PAGE 115 • 2017