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THE FUTURE IS bright Lori Greymont announces a new fund focusing on mortgage loans made to: • Investors • Developers • Small Businesses Loans for Construction, Acquisition, and Rehab of Non-Owner Occupied Properties: • Commercial • Multifamily • Non-owner single family Decades of experience in the greater SF area. For information: 408-891-2820 What separates Fortune DNA, a boutique entity formation and structuring company, from the large, mill-like companies is personal service. Whereas the mills sell you pre-packaged documents with instruc- tions on where to sign and what to mail and to whom, Fortune DNA takes time to educate each client on the more important why things are done and how each action affects the structure. Nick Fortune and his staff of employees and consultants have real-world expe- rience in building and running successful enterprises. This hands-on approach provides clients with person- alized insight that cannot be conveyed through written instructions alone. It is Fortune DNA’s goal to educate their clients so they can more efficiently and effectively operate their entity to achieve the full benefits their entity offers. Fortune DNA’s philosophy is that building its clients a custom racecar is worthless, if the client does not know how to drive. Fort [HH[[\B]Y[]HH\[]HZ]Y܈[H[HۛZ\]HZ\[]HXY]HB\[^H\\K\[HY[\HY\[B[X\[H[K]Y[X\وH[][]HوZKBZ[Y[\[]\YZ[X^[Z^HHZ]›وZ\X܋ܝ[HH]\[]] B\Y]HYX\\HY[[YY]\[\[]\\HZ\^\Y[\[\[\šYX\ˈ\HYY]\]HY[H][[[܈X\ٝ[\\\[[[\\[[[ܝ[H[\X]\[X][\[]YX[˂HX\وܝ[HH\YX\\YHB[YHوY[]\]HH\و]\Y[]YHXH\[HY\Z\\\[\[\ۘ[YY˂HܛZ[]XH[\]XH\œ][\[\XYT\Y[Xۚ^HH[ BYHو][H^\Y[K\[ۈ[[Z]Y[وܝ[HHۈZ\YK܈HXY\[ZH]HHZ[ܙY BXYHܘ[HZ[XYX[H܈H^H^H[\ ]H\Y\\XH[\ܝ^H\\KX\HY[YHXXܝ[HH] MB [Y[[ۈ\\XH܈HYHۜ[][ۋ