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WARNING! YOUR CPA MAY BE YOUR #1 LIABILITY! FIND OUT WHAT THEY FAIL TO TELL YOU AND WHY. “ I w ish I w ould ha v e k now n the m y e a rs a go.” “ Do y ourse lf a f a v or a nd ge t the m w ork ing f or y ou!” “ F ortune DNA could do w ha t my $1000/ hr Ta x M a n couldn’ t” “ This f irm ha s incre dible inte grity ” FortuneDNA is a 28 year national conglomerate encompassed of Legal, Tax, Financial, and Busi- ness Consulting Professionals. With hundreds of years of com- bined experience, FortuneDNA acquires the very finest profes- sional services allowing the consumer to create wealth while protecting it at the very same time. FortuneDNA believes the difference between the aver- age consumer and the ultra wealthy is education and action. FortuneDNA and its associates have spoken for some of the largest real estate gurus and wealth building organizations in the world and continue to be advisors to the same. Our products and services are tailored made for each individual specifically with their current situations and future goals in mind. FortuneDNA prides itself at making available the products [\X\]]HY[^\]HH[K]X[BYܙXHS ܝ[QB]HوH\]YY\[]ܚݚYHY[]B[[X]H[ܛX][ۈ܈XZ[™YX]YX\[ۜY\[Z\[[X[]\K]ݙ\  [\܈˜\Y[B[\[[\܈8&HYY˂ܝ[BBMMLˈX\\]Ǩ\Y\LL‘ܝ[QK