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in Las Vegas on Short Sales, her real estate investments began soaring. “Within a few months I had 30 properties under contract and a short sale negotiator working for me full time.” With a promising new job in Corporate America, Laura had planned to keep investing in real estate as a side business. But when this part-time income outpaced her salary, she took a leap of faith and plunged into real estate full time – and her career skyrocketed. And then, the rubber met the road…What came next can only be explained in Laura’s own words: “After a few years, it began to get boring. I knew there was something missing; there had to be more to this. The money was great but my heart wasn’t in it. Writing a book wasn’t interesting for me – I’m more of a hands-on person. In 2010, with the Internet so popular, I decided to build a website teaching about real estate. For a year and a half I worked on this website at night, every night from 8 pm to 2 to 3 am in the morning. I had a limited budget at that point so I did the work myself and was still doing real estate in the daytime. I didn’t really know yet if I was going to do something with this website – I didn’t really know where I was going with it. So I basically did the videos, and \X۝[[\Y]\HY[X\\]B[][Y][]Y\ LK]\[YX[\B]SY[ܜ\ۛ[K'B^H\]\[\\]HZ[[”X[M LQZYKBBB[HX]^Z[X[\]K[][HYX\]\X\ٝ[ HY\܈HY[X\\]K][H\[[YK8&[HYY]\K[BYY[[K[H[&]YHZ[HKB]\8$[H]H]X[ܙHوH\[K\\BXK&H\ۙH\ۋHY[ H[ق\YYH] ]8&\HH\Y[\B]H][ˈH\Y\[Z\\]8&\\HB]Y [H^[Y[\\X\˸'B]YYH[\K\Y[[X[$\\YHH]ZZX[\H[وYHY[›[H[\\]Z\[YH[\H8$X[^Y\ۈYH[X[HۛHH\]HH[\[›\[[Z\X[\˂PSBHQTSSx)[[ۈ\H\]Z\[Y[]]\N܈\[H0Y\HY[ܜˈ۸&]^ BX\ۈ[\]\[8$x&\[[HX[XH[[[x&]HH\ۈ] [H[][XX]]\Y\[x&\Hۈ[\Y] ]\Bݙ\^H[X[ݚY\][[ܙH^\Y\[H[HZY][]H][[[\]KX[\[\ˈHXZ\]H[ق[\[[X[\]H]Y\[ۜ\Bۘ[H]YHY\]K[\ܛYH[\Y[[\X\]]\H\[x&[[[]ۛ]\x&\™]Y\[^X][Z\[\\\[0YKHX[Z[[X[ ]H\Hܚ\ۈ]H[[x&[XZH]\[[^X]\œ[\YH\[\]x&\ B[[\\ˈ]ZY x&[XZH\ۈX\\[ X]\H]8&\]8&\[\8$[[\X\ PQKU B]\H[[Y\H\X]Z\Y[[]\HX]و\[\K[H\[ۘ][H^[HX\[Y[[][\H\Y[XXZ\[˂]8&\H[[H\[ۈ[\\HBQH L H8( MBBBBUPSXY˘