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What to Buy ?

Florida has an abundance of communities that cater to specific lifestyles , whether you have an equestrian , golf , waterfront , boating or other interest . Home buyers and visitors enjoy an endless outdoor lifestyle , world-famous attractions and theme parks , plus an incredible variety of culture and fine arts — all vital ingredients that enrich their experience . Local communities are home to world-class health and medical facilities , art shows and festivals , many within a short distance of nearby residences .
y Condominium – This form of homeownership offers individual units for sale within a larger building or complex . Contrary to popular belief , the term “ condominium ” does not apply to the type of unit itself , but the legal ownership arrangement . Those who purchase units in a condominium technically own everything from their walls inward . All individual homeowners have shared rights to most common areas , such as the elevators , hallways , pools and club houses . Maintenance of these areas becomes the responsibility of a condominium association . Every owner owns a share of interest in the condominium association , plus an obligation to pay monthly dues or special assessment fees for larger maintenance problems .
y Single-Family Home – A detached residence that usually has a front and backyard , plus a driveway and attached carport or garage . This type of property offers greater privacy and has no common walls with other residences . Single-family homes can be located in communities that have a homeowners ’ association and may also be maintenance-free , meaning the yard and sometimes other amenities are maintained by a third party .
y Villa – Typically a single-story residence , this home may or may not be attached to another villa by a common wall . This type of property is typically in a maintenance-free community , in which the lawn / landscaping and sometimes other amenities are maintained by a third party , which is included in a community fee .
y Townhome – This residence shares a building with other units . Typically more than one story , there are no other units above or below . These tend to be less expensive than single-family homes , may have a small fenced yard or garage and are part of a community association that typically covers all exterior maintenance .
y Commercial – This type of property is for business or investment purposes and includes office , retail , industrial and multi-family buildings ( apartment complexes ), marinas and land zoned for single-family homes .
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