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Planning Your Purchase

Why Buy ?
Buying Florida real estate is often seen as a desirable , profitable and secure investment , particularly when coupled with favorable exchange rates . Florida properties are considered a good investment value as prices are higher for comparable properties in many other countries *.
If you are reading this publication , you have probably made the decision to buy a property in Florida , but understanding WHY you are buying will help your Realtor ® identify the best property to meet your goals and aspirations .
y Retirement – Florida has long been a popular retirement destination , but the state has seen an increase in pre-retirement purchases in recent years . Buyers see great values available in today ’ s market and decide to purchase a property prior to their retirement . They often use the home for vacations or as a rental investment until they are ready to retire . Key factors to consider when purchasing a home for retirement may be proximity to shopping and entertainment , access to medical services and the ongoing costs associated with maintaining the property .
y Holiday / Vacation Home – If you plan to use the property for one or more visits each year , a primary consideration may be something that needs little attention from you on a regular basis . A condominium or a home in a maintenance-free community may be the best fit and allow you to “ lock and leave ” the property , knowing it will be secure in your absence .
Buyers see great values available in today ’ s market and decide to purchase a property prior to their retirement .
y Investment – Buying an investment property is less about your personal preferences and more about the financial opportunity it represents for cash flow and capital appreciation when you sell . Care should be taken regarding rental restrictions which may apply in the county , community or subdivision where you plan to purchase . Check the rental rules and regulations for the specific condo or homeowners associations in the communities that interest you .
y Relocation – If you and your family will be relocating to Florida to take a job assignment or as new resident , you may be more concerned with identifying a new home that is within easy commuting distance of your office , located in a family-focused community and near exceptional schools and educational opportunities .
* National Association of Realtors ® 2015 Profile of Home Buying Activity of International Clients .
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