Real Estate Buying Real Estate in Florida - Page 18

y Landscaping – Mature trees , robust shrubs , gardens , rose bushes and perennially well-watered lawns are some of the rewards of an older home , while most new homes are apt to feature younger , smaller trees , fewer walkways and sparse vegetation . Landscaping is an expensive proposition today for the cost-conscious home builder .
y Location – Often older homes are in areas closer to town and in established neighborhoods . However , newer subdivisions can provide newer schools and recreational areas .
y Maintenance – The charm of an older home often goes hand in hand with increased maintenance , especially if the previous owners were not attentive to upkeep . Building materials may be harder to replace or match in an expansion or remodeling . A new home generally comes with at least a one-year warranty for the repair of some problems that may develop as it settles into its foundation , but know what your warranty covers . Extended warranties are available should your property be out of warranty . New-construction homes often employ more efficient , innovative uses of square footage and property .
y Price – New construction homes may cost more than re-sale homes due to the increasing labor and material costs . There is often more negotiating room with re-sales as well .