READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Volume 1 Issue 1 June-July 2013 - Page 4

content JUNE - JULY 2013 VOL. 1 ISSUE 1 ISSUE SPONSORS CHARTER Barbara Ivie Green Bill Hiatt Regan Black Christine Murphy Janet Beasley Peggy L. Henderson Dianne Lynn Gardner ISSUE Fran Veal Jazmyn Douillard Lauren Algeo James J. Dibenedetto Olivia Linden Wayne L. Murphy Mishael Austin Witty Lorrie Farrelly Interested in a Sponsorship in our Next Issue? Call Tammie Gibbs 912-293-2899 or email reader’s rock articles - reviews - excerpts - interviews 3-Editor’s Note 5-Quotes 6-The Enigmatic Symbols of Ancient Egypt- Barbara Ivie Green 8-Up Close & Personal with Peter Arpesella 12-New Releases 13-What Readers and Authors look for in a Review-Alicia Jespersen 14-15 Bill Hiatt -How Reading Parents Can Pass The Torch to Their Children 16-Through the Years- Reviews 19-Pass it On 20-Regan Black 22-Let’s Chat: Just How Close Do You Really Want to Get? 24- Peggy L. Henderson 26- Writing a Review on Amazon 28-Christine Murphy- Excerpt 30-Watch it or Wreck it - Violet Patterson 32-James J. Dibenedetto- Excerpt 34-Edgar Allen Penguin Visits Savannah, Georgia 36-Olivia Linden- Excerpt 38-Have a Book Fling 39-Talking Books 40-Mishael Austin Witty- Excerpt 41-Fran Veal- Excerpt 44-Wayne Murphy- Free Offer - Poetry 46-Lauren Algeo- Excerpt 48-Dianne Lynn Gardner 50-Pamela Foreman 52-Diana’s Tea Time Reviews 53-BookGirl.TV 54-Lorrie Farrelly- Excerpt 56- Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast 58-Janet Beasley 60-Find an Author Word Search 61-Reader’s Rock and Cool Reading Spots 62-Jazmyn Douillard- Excerpt 64-Tammie Clarke Gibbs - Excerpts 66-Reader’s Rock Information and Links