Do It Like A Pro: Easy Balloon Decorating for the Non-Professional will guide the ordinary person through the steps to learn a few basic techniques that will allow them to save hundreds of dollars on decorating expenses. Want a few balloon trees for your wedding? Don't hire a professional, teach your friends and let them do it for you. Need to save money on your teenager's prom? Teach his class the techniques and it will save them tons of money and open up a lot of possibilities for them to be creative. This is a very short book because it doesn't need to be longer. The information is valuable if you've ever thought you'd like to know how to do balloon sculptures. Written by a veteran party planner and balloon decorator. No glossy photos or fancy fonts, just simple to understand technique and line drawings. $.99 SALE Learn to make unique balloon arrangements that last almost a month. Written by an award-winning balloon designer you'll learn the very basics of putting together these lovely balloon baskets with items you can easily store in a drawer or closet. -Give them when you forget to send someone a gift and all the stores are closed. -Give them when you want a friend to enjoy a long-lasting and cheerful pick me up while recovering from illness. -Own a gift shop? Add these and make some extra money. -Be creative and add your own touches to the basic design for one-of-a-kind gifts that will have all your friends wondering which shop it came from. These books are short and to the point with basic, rudimentary illustrations so that you have no problems learning the techniques. These arrangements are great for all occasions. This is Book 2 in the Do It Like A Pro series of How-to for the Non-Professionals. Be sure and check out Do It Like A Pro: Easy Balloon Decorating for the Non-Professional to learn how to construct your own balloon swags, garlands, columns and more. Great for Proms, Parties, Weddings, Dance Recitals, etc. Gibbs shows you how to add a little sparkle creatively even during tough times. Learn to plan unforgettable parties for your children AND save money at the same time... Short and to the point this book shows you how to: -Select a Theme -Prepare a Menu -Become Creatively Cost Aware -Make Props -Select Games -Select and or Make Favors -Make the Most out of What You Already Have -Price Compare -Get Your Family Involved -Avoid Post-Party Depression -Make Every Party a Memorable One! Bargain Bundle $2.99