Today Lori speaks to rehab patients about her experience and she goes to therapy for PTSD. She is also bipolar. Despite the physical injuries she incurred, her health is optimal. What caused all this turmoil? Lori tells her story starting out with her early life of childhood sexual abuse, then becoming addicted to drugs, opiates, alcohol, stimulants and anything else. She then meets a Middle Eastern man, Mohammad who she thinks will finally be the love of her life. NONONONONO! Mohammad takes Lori to Iran and doesn’t let her leave. She also finds out he is a terrorist who kills Iranian war vets so the govt. wouldn’t have to pay for them. She also has suspicions of him being involved with 911. The day after 911 Mohammad tells Lori they have to leave IRAN due to the Middle East being a target for the USA. He doesn’t explain much else. Five minutes after waiting at the bus terminal, armed guards (what looked like them) pulled up in convoy style tarped trucks, they took her to a POW type camp in the hills of Iran. For six weeks she was raped, beat and tortured. But that is all I can tell you. You will have to read the book to see how she made it home. WARNING: This book is GRAPHIC! Excerpt We were then led through this square type cement hall Eway that if you looked at it from the air you would see a thin outline of a square with a roof fenced in on the inside with barbed wire fence and no shelter on the inside yard...but we were led through the square roofed part out to the yard...this is when I caught sight of a telephone, and demanded to one of the guards my right to use the phone...after all I thought they were still the authorities and had to grant you this, because I was naive enough to think this was an international right with any legal arrest, boy was I wrong...After the guard laughed and said I was crazy or used the English term "KooKoo", I then proceeded to call him a derogatory name in Farsi..Which much to my surprise came my first realization that these fine folks were not authority figures at least not acting on any official basis. The guard laughed as he slapped me and I fell to the ground, this is when he kicked me so hard, that I still have the boot indentations in the back of my head. He didn't stop there, he continued kicking me while mocking my words about using the phone. At some point whether it was the kicks or the pain that overtook me, I managed to pass out and escape the horror for a while anyways. BLOG WEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK