Requested not to tell his family where he is going, he leaves his wife and boys in secret. Charleo and his two new chukkons companions enter into another land on Maycly: a land most do not know exists. Here is where the warrior training begins. You will become attached to the characters like never before, and experience their love and heartaches as the epic battle unfolds. And not to worry, as time catches up Iona returns to the story near the end of Book 2. You will certainly want to journey on to Maycly the Trilogy Book 3 The Queen to see how this fantastical story comes together. The Hidden Earth Series is an enchanted YA fantasy adventure. Discover the dreams - the magic - the quest! Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy PART 3 The Queen Janet Beasley Book 3 begins with a lighthearted chapter about Iona's childhood. The story then leads you into "real time" on both earth and Maycly. Iona's journey through the darkness begins. It is both exciting and terrifying as she discovers who…or perhaps what…is beneath her bed. Out of the darkness, beauty abounds and Iona discovers her destiny. Though the responsibility of her destiny calls, Iona is still in search of her missing family. Book 3 offers twists and turns, changelings and horrifying beasts, another epic battle, and an ending that will leave you in a quandary, wanting to know what happens next. You can find out in Hidden Earth Series Volume 2 Planet Land ~ The Adventures of Cub and Nash. Hidden Earth Series is an enchanted YA fantasy adventure The Chukkons Say, "Ye Need ta Be a-Seein' Maycly" Janet Beasley and illustrated by Dar Bagby The Chukkons Say, "Ye Need ta Be a-Seein' Maycly" is a wonderful addition to Hidden Earth, Volume 1, Maycly Parts 1, 2, and 3. It is printed in landscape format - fun for kids of all ages. It is a companion book--a matching guidebook--to the characters, creatures, plants, maps, etc found in your Maycly novel. While the illustrations in the novel are miniaturized and appear in black and white, the ones in this companion book are full- sized and in full color (the way they were drawn). In addition, each of the illustrations offers an indepth description not found in Maycly's text. They are presented in approximately the same order as they are found in the story, so you can follow along as you read using this companion book to gain extra insight into the finer points of each illustration, helping you better enjoy your journey throughout Maycly. More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Janet Beasley More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup is truly one of a kind, far more than you would ever expect from a cookbook. Histories of five select restaurants on Maycly and stories about their chukkon or wightling owners, along with menus and a multitude of captioned photos and illustrations, provide entertainment before, during, and after food preparation. This cookbook can be used by anyone from kids to codgers. The recipes cover the gamut from fun to fancy, garden-variety to gourmet, and kitchen to camp out. There are recipes especially for kids to make and eat, meat and meatless recipes, and even recipes you can make for your pets! EVERY RECIPE can be MADE AND EATEN right here ON EARTH. You say you have not read HIIDDEN EARTH, Vol. 1, MAYCLY? No problem. Just spend a moment thumbing through More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, and I guarantee you will be hooked when you discover such recipes as Slop in a Pot, Best Darn Brownies...EVER!, Gramma Hildas Peanut Butter and Honey Doggie Delights, or Focaccia Fantastique! (Not all menu items appear as recipes.) Does someone in your family love historical or military fiction? 28 Months of Heaven and Hell J.D. Karns J.D. Karns' historical novel is based on the actual journal kept by Carl Lee Young while he served in the U.S. Navy during WWII aboard the escort vessel USS Melvin R. Nawman DE-416. Karns has brilliantly woven Carl's journal entries together with fiction to create an entertaining, breathtaking, and highly factual account of the war from a sailor's point of view. Experience everything from the great typhoon of 1944 to Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and from the atom bomb to the signing of the treaty that ended the Second World