Book two: Cats & Mice, Twice as Nice! Book three: Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops? Book four: Whooo's Coming to Dinner? In addition to the books, the rhyming stories from each book have been put to music and recorded on CDs. All songs are composed and performed by Amy's son, Asa Sellers. Middle Grade readers: Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars Book 1 of the Lill and Mewe series Jean E Lane The year is 2456MD, (Mars Date) however the story events are happening in present times. The Martians track time a little differently than us Earthlings. To the average eye, the planet Mars seems dead, uninviting, dusty, and void of water. I say life did exist there at one time, and still does; we just haven't scratched the surface yet. Maybe there's a lot more happening than we can imagine, just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist right? The secrets beneath the surface could tell another story. The story of Lill and Mewe, as told by Lill herself of how she feels about the lost history of Mars, her current life, and the great strides the Martians have made to recapture the advanced intelligence and technology of their past. It's all about the role they play in our solar system and how they feel about us Earthlings. Are we even worth talking to? What could they possibly learn from us? Maybe we have more to learn from them, but are we willing to open our minds? Lill and Mewe Journey to the Ocean of Runa Book two of the Lill and Mewe series Jean E Lane Children of all ages will enjoy the sci-fi adventure Lill and Mewe Journey to the Ocean of Runa. The year is 2456MD, Martian time. Mars Mission Space Center has established a cadet program. Both Lill and her brother, Merak, are accepted. Merak's mission sets off with the science team to explore Neptune and one of its moons, Triton. Merak sees something very unusual on Neptune, Amy Sellers but no one believes him! The rumors about “Runa,” the guardian of Mars, become more of a reality to Lill as she makes the journey to the Ocean of Runa alone. Lill learns that Runa means, “That which is hidden.” Meanwhile, Mewe, a water cat with webbed feet, Elise to the is concerned forConnie M. Thompson Lill's safety and follows herVanCise ocean. While swimming out too far and too deep, they encounter the dreaded Wicky fish, coming right at them! This can't be good. Lill's mission encounters a major problem that the Martians must resolve before they can start their trek to planet Zanda in the Andromeda Galaxy. The trip will take them too long to get there, so they must find a solution. What happens next in this galactic fantasy? Stuff your fantasy lover's stocking with the Hidden Earth Series! Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Book Gv