help multiple times throughout one's life. And this is such a huge benefit of reading that it's hard to count the number of times that information will pop into the front of one's brain to help in a tough situation. And if you know someone who is in business, do they take the time to buy themselves those helpful books? Sometimes the answer is no. You will be doing them a big favor by giving them that helpful book. Are you a writer more than a reader? There are books that should probably be on your shelves – a thesaurus, a book of quotations, books on grammar and punctuation perhaps. Definitely there are these technical or research books that will often come in handy as you hit the proverbial brick wall called writer's block! Put these books on your wish list for those who have you on their gift buying list. Yes, you will get those book s you never think to buy for yourself, or that you don't have the time to buy, or that you don't have the money to buy. Needless to say, I could probably write a book, or at least a novelette, about the benefits of reading. I could focus on the benefits of helping you to learn to spell, to increase your vocabulary, to help you think about things that are not common place in your everyday life and so much more. However, since this magazine is limited to approximately 88 pages, and this column to just its little space, I'll end my list of reasons and ask you to consider some of your own. And by all means, I encourage you to seriously consider buying books for your holiday gift list. As I mentioned in last month's magazine article, the gift of books keep on giving. So, here's another suggestion. Have you considered buying the readers on your list a membership in a Book Club? And, there are many kinds of book clubs – those that ship books automatically; those that allow you to pick and choose which books you want; and there is a new book club that just opened that features Christian writers with books that are Christian based. Visit . There are books for children, teens and adults. They cover various genres – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, religion, devotionals, leadership, spiritual growth and more. There are memberships for just three or six months; or, you can join for the full year. There is the option of choosing the book you wish to buy. The added bonus is also having the opportunity to join a conference call with the authors of the books on offer. Feel free to check it out!