READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 9 March 2014 - Page 63

Here is an excerpt from one of the stories which is only available here. This particular story comes from The Athlete and tells of the determination of an athletic girl to accomplish a remarkable feat for her parents. EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT It didn't occur to Athlete to wonder what a Survival Trek was or what she'd have to do to win. All she thought about was how great it would be to win the competition and surprise her parents with a gift she knew they could never afford. She would be the one who would give her mom and dad that vacation that they'd been dreaming about for so long. It was a great plan. Athlete turned around and left the room without saying a word to her dad. She wanted to keep it a secret and right now she had more important things to do, like register online. She was determined to win that prize. And so, she hurried off to her room, fired up her computer and quickly found the website that had the entry form for the Survival Trek. It only took a few minutes to complete the form and before she knew it, the confirmation e-mail came back with her competitor number and a valid entry coupon. She was in! Now that it was official, Athlete went back to the website and looked over the description of the contest. It seemed simple enough to her. Contestants were required to run along a wilderness trail, swim across a river, and then climb up a rock fissure to the top of a cliff. The competitor with the fastest time was the winner. What Athlete neglected to notice was the fine print at the bottom of the website page that said “entrants must be 18 years old to qualify.” For a larger sample, visit the co-author at Links to buy Girls Gone Great are here. Kindle Edition USA for UK Amazon paperback paperback at the CreateSpace e-store