READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 9 March 2014 - Page 57

nightmares as they struggle to live out their lives with their Faith. Kevin was fighting the impossible to stay alive. A very long journey to find the light in the darkness. This is a great book for all to read. A true story about a family who put their full Faith in God. Pamela wrote this book from her heart. This is a very inspiring book. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Song in the Night By: Pamela Thorson I wanted to read Song in the Night so bad. So Pamela sent it to me. This book is good. I started reading it and I couldn't put it down I just had to see what was going on. I shed many tears. Pamela wrote the book and you can feel her pain as she tells the story of her family's Destiny’s Dream By: Delia Dawson Latham love a book with good suspense. I would recommend everyone read this book. I loved the Characters in the story of Destiny’s Dream. I hope they are carried on into another book. I actually was laughing at the beginning of the book . The scene at the funeral home was humorous . I had a hard time putting the book down. I think the characters Destiny and Clay will just melt your heart. I Many thanks to Diana Montgomery for sharing her reviews from her blog, Diana’s Tea Time Reviews, each month. You can check out all of her reviews by visiting her on the web at We are thrilled that Diana will be continuing to share with us in 2014 and we encourage each of you to visit with her and check out her wonderful blog. Diana, is a voracious reader and loves sharing her thoughts with all of her fellow readers via her reviews. Visit Diana’s Site for More Reviews