READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 9 March 2014 - Page 43

Lori speaks often to groups of women struggling with their own situations of abuse to help them understand there is hope.... It had been almost a year since I returned from Iran without my husband. Although I will never forget 9/11, November was a more memorable month for me in terms of nightmares, confusion, and the guilt! I had been living in Iran, working and existing as a member of Persian society for almost 4 years.... When I had heard on the news that all those rumors I had been hearing about the USA being potentially bombed came true. It was 9/11 and I had tried to call home since the 9th of September to tell my family to take caution just in case the rumors turned out to be fact. But my effort was futile, the operator told me no international calls being placed at that time. On September 12, 2001, I became all too familiar with my own 9/11, only it was not in the USA this time it was in a POW camp in the middle of somewhere, Iran! Mohammad told me we had to get out of Iran due to possible repercussions from the US on the middlle east, I had no idea but I didn't care I was going home!! Five-ten minutes after getting to the bus station to leave a convoy type trucks pulled up, grabbed me and had taken my husband one way and I another and pushed me blindfolded into the back of convoy style trucks, who "they" BUY THE BOOK were anybody's guess but I sure did not have a clue. 30-40 days later after escaping the camp and riding a llama for 1-2 days over mountainous terrain, I arrived at the Iran Immigration center. I only weighed in at about 70 pounds then, had injuries, been starved and raped for the past month and wanted to get home to my family in the USA. However, was unsure that the govt. of Iran would allow me to. I was American but was married to an Iranian, which made me an Iranian citizen who needed my husband's permission to exit the country. Although the authorities claimed to have had his permission before flying me to the USA embassy in Dubai, I knew they did not! This only increased my suspicion of the govt. being all too involved in my apprehension or kidnapping on Sept 12. I had been with Mohammad for 9 years and thought I could trust him, but despite the love that I thought we had, his personality and behavior did a 180 degree turn upon entering Iran in 1998. The events told here are true, and I've only shared what I know to be true or suspect at best. What I do know is that it was no coincidence that I, an all-out American citizen had been placed into a POW type camp right after the tragedy of 9/11 in America. Moreover, I suggest to all, to thoroughly research any country and culture before relocating to one headfirst. Even/especially if your spouse is a native from that nation. I hope this will help all understand the view of