READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 9 March 2014 - Page 39

number 1 in its category at the beginning of March 2014. Both have received generous 5 star reviews. To read their reviews visit Volume 3 Planet Water ~ Draugar of the Abyss is in final editing, so look for its release to happen in 2014. In volume 3 you'll board an enchanted ship with Arrowanna and her crew that will take you deep beneath the waves into haunted caves where once-dead Vikings dwell. This aquatic adventure will have you on the edge of your captain's chair as you dodge close calls, stumble upon fascinating information, and try to make it to the castle on time. Shying away a wee bit from the Irish heritage, Janet and her sister have studied the old Norse mythology and language, and have incorporated its awesome mystique in this fast paced novel. Volume 4 Planet Sky ~ Search of the Winged Carrier is already underway being written. In volume 4 you'll meet Kiwi, a young girl who makes a magical discovery. She ventures out to find the mystical one no one dares visit in search of answers. But when Kiwi learns the answers she realizes she has gotten herself in quite a predicament. Danger abounds as dragons and fowl become entangled in the web of adventure that takes Kiwi and her best friends on a journey of aerial excitement. You're invited to read synopses for Volumes 5 and 6 on Since the release of Maycly the Trilogy, the beginning volumes of this series have not only been well received in the US and Ireland, but also Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Scotland, the Canary Islands, and the UK to name a few. The Hidden Earth Series has also become a hit with classrooms and home schoolers. Each book in the series inspires, instills moral values, and even teaches kids (of all ages) new and interesting things. Every book holds a different theme and educational