READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 9 March 2014 - Page 20

A Scottish Tale By: Anna Renault This month's story is in honor of St. Patrick. Let me tell you my surprising Scottish tale! Why Scottish? What's the connection between Scotland and St. Patrick? As you may know, St. Patrick is well known for his work in Ireland. However, Patrick was born around 385 in Scotland. At the age of 14, he was captured in Scotland and taken to Ireland… the rest is history. So in honor of his true Scottish nationality, I have chosen to tell my amazing and surprising connection with Scotland! Early in 2013, due to a medical situation, I was on bed rest for several months. During that time, I wrote several children's books including, “Why did my dad get cancer?” The story is based on my experience with cancer when my daughter was only seven. During my appointments – diagnosis, surgery and treatments, my daughter asked dozens of questions. Following my surgery, I experienced a couple of hemorrhages that resulted in more hospital visits and another surgery. Again, my daughter asked many questions. She truly didn't understand what was wrong. “Why did my dad get cancer?” in my opinion needed some pictures – some illustrations. It was a blessing to me that another author in Maryland had also written a children's book that was illustrated by a very talented artist, John Morris. I connected with John and as the saying goes, the rest is history! Thanks to technology, specifically the internet and social media, I was able to connect with John Morris, who is founder and owner of “Art From The Heart” (Afth). And yes, John is the hero of my Scottish Tale. John Morris lives in Ayr, Scotland. We connected on Facebook and communicated by email. I forwarded my manuscript to John in mid-January 2013. John responded with the first four illustrations for the book. Then over the next couple of months we got to be friends, chatting on Facebook despite the six hour difference and 4,000+ miles that separated us. The book published on April 1, 2013. It was fun seeing the illustrations John created for the book. He was easy to work with when I suggested changes. Time seemed to fly by as we worked together, chatting on Facebook, especially about John's big desire to visit the United States. He has a great love of John Denver music and a lifelong yearning to see the Rocky Mountains. And so the plot thickens. As John made arrangements to visit a friend in Nebraska, to spend a week in Denver, Colorado for a visit to the Rocky Mountains, plans were also hatched for John to visit Maryland to help promote Art From The Heart, “Why did my dad get cancer?” and several other books that John illustrated for other authors in Maryland. The plan was awesome! The plan netted John a three week visit to Maryland that eventually included traveling over 1500 miles throughout the state. It was arranged that John stayed at my home during his visit – allowing the visit to be extended from 8 days to 20 days. I truly felt like I had gained another grandson. I truly feel blessed to have connected with such a talented young man who also has a strong love for the Lord. John has a great desire to preach the word of the Lord and thus arrangements were