READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 9 March 2014 - Page 14

AUTHOR J.C. ALLEN This month Reader’s Rock Magazine is delighted to announce the expansion of our magazine to include even more book reviews. Stay tuned as we add to our list of reviewers. We’d like to welcome J.C. Allen and we look forward to his signature style of reviews. Be sure to explore his website and his own excellent novels. Born and raised in the Charleston, WV area, J.C. Allen started writing as a way to stay connected to his children, to entertain them as they grew. Having written over 20 novels - ranging from political thrillers to teen fiction - he has six titles published to date: M.O.D., Novel Ideas, and Chronicles of Time: Books One, Two, Three, and Trilogy. To see some of the upcoming titles, check out J.C. Allen's website at This is the first book in The Project series, so it’s very fitting for it to be my first review. It is self-published on Amazon through CreateSpace. To purchase Alex Lukeman's book ( -Jade-PROJECT-Bookebook/dp/B007FIR01M/ref=t mm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding =UTF8&sr=11&qid=1382453499