READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 8

There is one more symbol of the moon that illustrates the true meaning of the misidentified symbol above, the waning moon. I think it’s easy to see the similarities between the “placenta” above and this half-ball of string . . . I mean, waning moon. As pointed out in Parts One and Two of the Enigmatic Symbols of Egypt article series, Isis and Hathor share much the same place in the Egyptian Parthenon. Understanding the many feminine associations with the moon—fertility; birth and rebirth, the goddess Wadjet and her connection with the Uraeus and the moon—it is easy to see that the meaning of the disc is, in fact, the harvest moon, full, ripe and potent, and not the sun, as has been postulated. Another symbol whose ties to the moon have been misidentified is the horns of fertility around the sun disc. There is a tale of Seth killing his brother Osiris and scattering the pieces of his body. Isis, his sister/wife, gathered the pieces and, with the aid of Anubis, wrapped his body back together, missing only one unfortunate member, which she fashioned herself. Through her magic, Isis brought her husband back to life and was able to become pregnant with Horus. To read more about the symbols of ancient Egypt, or ??\?[???HH[[??\?X?[?Y?[?\?K??X[?X???YYH]\??Y[?\??X?Y\??Z[??]X?Z?HH?]??\??[???H[?Y\??\?????Y\?H][[^H ?]?]H?[?[??XY?^JK[?[?X[?H??\?X\?H?X???H????H?]?[?\?\?X?\??H[?Y?X]X??[X????[??Y[?Y?\\???H[????[??H?Y[?[?H?]?[?\?Y][????XY\??&\???????H?\?][??^H???X\?H??[?YH?^[??[??H\???\?[?H?HZ\?Y[?Y?YY ?[?????[X????Y?\ ?8?%]]??\??\?H]?YH?Y[???H??H[\??]\?H??\???&\???H[?H?\?\??X?[??HXY[?XY??Y][??\??[X??]\??Y[?Z\?Y[?Y?YY ?H?????\?[]H?\Y\??[?H\?Y]\?H?[X?????X[K?\?????H\?\?[?]?\??[\?HXY?Y\?\???[][???????????\??\?Z]?YY?Y[??????? ???H?X??]N?????\??\?Z]?YY?Y[????H?X?X???????????X?X??????K?\??\?ZH?YY?Y[?[XZ[??\??\?Z]?YY?Y[?[? ???B??