READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 66

DIANA MONTGOMERY I'm Not Perfect and It's Okay by Dolores Ayotte I love reading Dolores's books they sure hit home. I love how she put her heart into this book with trials she has went through to help others. What a blessing. I find her words very encouraging. I like how she wrote it like a recipe even a bakers dozen. With all the right ingredients we can survive. The main ingredient is the Lord. I liked what she described as a part of the recipe for healing. Keep life simple, be sure to add a cup of laughter, two cups of forgiveness, and a dash of silence. With these ingredients you are sure to have it easier. One thought I really loved I will leave you with is who is the peddler of the bike is it you or is it the Lord? I loved this illustration . This book will help in many situations going on in your life. I know I went through som e of these same things. Wish the book was out when I was. Very well written Dolo- Special Delivery by Kathi Macias Special Delivery part 2 in the Freedom series continues on with the story of Mara a young girl bought up as a sex slave. Sad to say this happens right under our nose. Little girls lives that are ru- ined or ended. Being in this kind of set up I would just want God to take me home as many of the girls pray for. This just breaks my heart it is a very emotional story but a story that needs to be told. Human trafficking goes on all over the country. Little girls and boys being kidnapped for these sick perverted people to have their fantasy fulfilled. Kathi tells the story very well and I love the fact that Christ is in these books. Without Christ there is no hope. Thanks Kathi for opening my eyes. What happens with Mara in the story? Get the books you won’t be sorry you did. Greater Than Rubies by Hallee Bridgeman she thinks was born with a silver spoon finds out they are from the same side of the track. Both had similar upbringAnother story well written by Hallee. I ing. Tony ends up in his teens with a love the way Halle writes and always church who helps him grow into a fine God honoring. Very tuff beginning for man. Robin falls in love with Tony and Robin. Being abused growing up going Tony with her, They go through differthrough bad foster care. Then as a adult ent things because Robin has he doubts how do you ever trust men again. In holding onto her pass. But in the end of Sapphire and Ice she meets Tony who Sapphire and Ice they are planning out a wedding. In Greater than Rubies they are wondering what kind of wedding and how big should it be or should they just elope. I loved it. Had a great twist in the story line about the wedding. Another soul lead to the Lord and salvation plan in the book. Hallee did a wonderful job. I can’t wait for the one. It is worth more then 5 stars.