READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 63

easy read, with a simple plot and a surprising twist that will be heartily relished by youngsters as well as mature adults. The die-hard fans of Treasure Island will definitely come to reunite with both the endearing and the villainous characters that remained alive from Skeleton Island. These fascinating characters still resume their personas, idiosyncrasies and trademark styles. Big fans of Treasure Island will marvel New personalities are also introduced, at SILVER AND HAWKINS’S innova- thus bringing with tive and prescient continuation. This them a treasure literature is meant to fill in the plausi- chest of humor, ble direction of the Treasure Island sa- wit, romance, exga, bestowing upon pirate adventure citement, d