READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 62

When I was just a young lad, one of the first books I ever read and got excited about; or even remembered in my childhood was, Treasure Island, which was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Now I am retired and living in The Villages, Florida which I believe it to be the best Adult Community in the USA. www.the My wife Wanda and my little Shih-Tzu dog; which of course we named Treasure, were enjoying golfing , swimming, crafts and we also belonged to some of the hundreds of clubs that are available to the residents. Sadly, my wife and I still recovering from a terrible head-on collision with another vehicle. I decided as therapy for myself; and not focus on the pain, I would continue the greatest pirate story ever written. I watched almost every movie that was made about Treasure Island; cartoons included , and read as many pirate books a person can get their hands on. I even watched almost every pirate movie; old as well as new, that has been put out on VHS or DVD in the last 60 years. I am happy to tell the new readers and fans of the original Treasure Island that I painstakingly made sure that the remaining characters that returned from Skeleton Island were given the utmost care, and their personalities were sustained throughout the book; however, I did embellish them with more descriptions and details about their lives in my story. I introduced some of the new characters with humor, some of them with ungodly behaviors, and many of hordes are just wicked and bizarre. When reading about pirates, and ships, and such, I learned a lot of nautical terms, so I included some in my story, and hopefully this will be a learning experience as well as a fun book for all you buccaneers out there. I was also intrigued and at the same time saddened, because I did not want the book Treasure Island to ever end. It left me wanting for more, and I needed to get some sort of closure, on those characters that had returned from that accursed Treasure Island. My first thought and question was, What happened to Long John Silver after his escape from the Hispaniola? Then I wanted to know what became of Jim Hawkins, his mother, and his good friends ; such as Dr. Livesey, SquireTrelawney and the other remaining characters? What had befallen Ben Gunn, the marooned pirate, who mismanaged his booty after getting equal shares of the treasure? Also, How did they all fare in their remarkable lives in Bristol, England after getting all that illgotten fortune? So, I made up my own conclusions of what I hoped would transpire. My ambition was and is, that all you matey's out there who read my story, Silver and Hawkins (The Pirate Adventure Continues...) truly enjoy it and recommend it to their fellow pirate fans... and don’t forget, there is a clue in my book as to where I buried a treasure chest with $1,000 in coins and that my charity is which anyone can donate to ,even ifs yer does not reads me book! Aaaarrrrrgggg! from the author Tony Vincent "I believe SILVER and HAWKINS to be a truly extraordinary and unrivaled follow-up to the most fascinating pirate and adventure story ever written by the author Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island. The Pirate Adventure Continues, Is Fun & Easy Reading, with a Simple Plot & a Surprise Ending that will be heartily relished by younger as well as mature adults. Will Good Conquer Evil or Will the Infamous Prevail? Find out matey’s by reading my book SILVER and HAWKINS. For the die-hard fans the original characters that remained alive from Skeleton Island, are described in my book with the same persona and similar idiosyncrasies, just about a dozen years older. The new characters that I fi ctionalized, are introduced throughout the story bringing with them humor, romance, excitement, danger, murder, lies, deceit and behaviors only found in Men of Fortune! If the readers would like to visit my web-sites: or send me an e-mail or send me a comment or send me a comment