READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 53

It’s here! (Almost) Volume 2 in the Hidden Earth Series is getting anxious to be unleashed! And YOU can be among the first to get an autographed print copy. PRE-ORDER your autographed print copies of Volume 2 Planet Land ~ The Adventures of Cub and Nash now thru October 1, 2013. Save $5 PLUS receive one FREE hand-crafted necklace per pre-ordered copy. It can all be done from – it’s easy, safe, and best of all FUN! cowboys ain't always nice,horses ain't quite what you're used to, and time is all hiddgledy-piggledy. The race is on, and it's up to Cub and Nash to do their part for the sake of Good. A fast-paced, rootin'tootin' adventure that will have you grinnin' like a weasel in a hen house, make yas a bit wrathy at times, and even bring a tear squeezer. reading lists for Macaroni Kid and YALSA. Janet said her biggest thrill was receiving word that Maycly was making a difference in classrooms. She is hoping to reach the same type goals with Volume 2. Janet said, "The success is humbling, and I contribute all of it to my wonderful family and fantastic fans! I can't thank them enough for believMore than just a book to read. . ing in me, and encouraging me .you'll enjoy the pencil sketches to keep writing. Everyone's shared enthusiasm and continby illustrator Dar Bagby, and ued support is so appreciated." get a kick out of the "BOOTnotes" (not to be confused with footnotes). The answer is simple: An Authors in the Park Event! Booktoberfest will be taking place on October 5, 2103, and that is exactly where Janet will be debuting Planet Land, in person – well, sort of – more like in character. And this won’t be just any book event – it’s going to be more like a mini megacon! Like at any of the four themed Authors in the Park events participating authors will be shaking the norm of regular book signings. Booktoberfest will be even more different than a regularly themed Authors in the Park event because the participating authors will be dressing up as a character from their one of their Only a year and a half since the own books. The guests are being release of Maycly, Janet is excitencouraged to dress as their faAll novels in the Hidden Earth edly facing the release of Volume vorite character from one of the Series bring educational bene2 October 5, 2013, and has Volparticipating author’s books to be fits, and are perfect for the en- ume 3’s rough draft nearly half entered into the Costume Contire family. Volume 1 Maycly written. test where there is one GRAND the Trilogy books landed in the PRIZE at stake. The winner will top 3 positions on Amazon on And just how is Janet going to be chosen by “the people’s one chart, and moved ahead of unleash this gold nugget of a nov- choice.” A voting pole will be set The Hunger Games on anoth- el? up on the Authors in the Park’s Facebook fan page shortly after er. It has been presented for consideration to appear on the