READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 52

Janet Beasley and the beat goes on…. As we learned in the last issue, author Janet Beasley is anything BUT un-motivated. In this issue you’re going to find that her creative level just keeps on going – this time it’s regarding Volume 2 in her Hidden Earth Series, and how she plans on unleashing this wild volume. expecting to see the Hidden Earth Series expand beyond the trilogy and reach for the horizon of a six novel series. Since her humble beginnings, Janet has launched the Maycly Trilogy in 3 different formats: the collector’s edition in paperback which holds all three When Janet began to write parts, three separate Maycly over 10 years ago, ebooks, and three separate she toyed with the idea that paperbacks. Each part of it would end up being a the trilogy now dons its trilogy. . .and much to her own title: Part 1 Two Aldelight it did. But being the tered Worlds, Part 2 The imagination station she is, Battle of Trust and Treachshe couldn’t stop there. Af- ery, and Part 3 The Queen. ter some consideration Ja- In addition the Maycly Trilnet was excited when the ogy has two companion idea of the cookbook of books: More Than Grilled Maycly came to her as well Cheese and Tomato Soup a as a full color illustration cookbook boasting over book. But even in her most 300 recipes (all fully precreative state, she wasn’t parable and edible right here on earth), and a full color illustration book, The Chukkons Say Ye Need Ta Be A-Seein’ Maycly, complete with detailed descriptions of the flora, fauna, and creatures found on Maycly. And now, #1 best selling author Janet Beasley has done it again! Volume 2 Planet Land is a highly creative continuation from her original Volume 1, Maycly the Trilogy. Janet's fantastical imagination hopped the train to the old west, and she authored the next novel that is nothing shy of amazing. Jump into this fairy tale western adventure where