READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 51

PDMI Interviews Dianne Lynn Gardner PDMI asks What inspired you to write fantasy novels? I have always, always loved fantasy. Ever since I was li?le I was accused of being a daydreamer. And I was. I lived in a mul?? dimensional world much more expansive than this one. There are fairies and dragons and magic and dreams coming true in my world. I don’t know how I came about living there. Maybe it was Judy Garland singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, or the day I learned about Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I love stories that take me to another world. When I decided to start wri?ng ?c? ?on, it dawned on me I could write about the world that I wanted to live in. Decep?on Peak, my ?rst YA fantasy novel, mani? fested a vast and beau?ful back country, wild woods, prairies, and an ocean, where tall ships sail. Add to that a ?shing village where boys are slaves, a tribal camp that seeks wisdom from the songs of nature, and an eerie mountain where a dragon lives and the Realm is born! How did you come up with a ?tle for ‘Decep?on Peak?’ There’s a thread that runs through the story that hints of mystery. It all has to do with the mountain. No one really knows what is going on up there. Some of the na?ves think they know who causes the dragon a?acks and have banished the culprits. But the violence never ends, and those outcasts have gathered together in their own village deep in the for? est, spending their lives in pursuit of truth, seeking to uncover the mystery of the moun? tain. Ian, our main character who stumbles through the portal into this world, is both lured to it’s depths and repulsed by its danger. What are you working on at the minute? While I’m wai?ng for edits for Cassandra’s Castle I’m collabora?ng with the team that has come along side me,to help with my book trailers. We’re are currently wri?ng a screen play for Cassandra’s Castle and are preparing to ?lm an Indie full feature movie. In addi?on, I’ve pulled Book V out of the woodwork, the dra? is done, and I’m rewrit? ing Diary of a Conjurer, another Realm story. It takes place years before Cassandra’s Castle, a few years a?er Rubies and Robbers ends. What’s it about? Diary of a Co ??\?\?\?H??HX??]???[?[?H?^?\? [??[Y[??H[?[??X[?H?Y[\\????Y?Y 0?[?0????Z\??]?\??[??$\??[?K?[??[??H?]H?H?X[K???