READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 46

My blessing finally arrived when I met and married my wonderful husband, My childhood was not the Douglas Earl Adkins. Kecia, who happiest as I dealt with the I had adopted earlier, became challenges of abuse that the light of his life and we are would impact my life for decades to come. I found great still enjoying peace and happiness today, after twenty-five peace walking the ocean’s beaches or swimming years of wedded bliss. in the Gulf. In fact, the beach is Now I had the picture perfect where I worked life that I had always hoped for through my devastating issues but serious health issues would of self-doubt, fear and intervene to disrupt my loneliness and where I serenity. I have faced the often returned to help me raging challenges of Diabetes through the process of for the past twenty-seven years resurrecting my most painful and have survived at least two memories to share with you in life and death experiences. At I was born Rosemary Jeannette this book. It was where I drew its worst, Diabetes can be a Hazen Adkins and spent most the strength to form of abuse in its own right of my childhood in Houston, defeat the monsters that and one that is not always easy Texas. When I left Texas with haunted my soul...a special to control. I have been my family, we moved to Las place where I would always fortunate to have the devoted Vegas where I graduated from find peace. help of my husband and Bishop Gorman High School in daughter who keep me on the Although I had gained my straight and narrow when it 1965. After graduation, my independence, abuse comes to taking good care of family moved to Redding, continued to follow me my health. California where we resided for wherever about six months I went, only now it was For many years, I had dreamt because of my own bad choic- of writing this book so that I before I fled the state and might help others to family home, just weeks prior es. Ever in search of the love and security that I had learn from my experience, but to becoming the legal age of never known, it took many is was far easier said than eighteen. From there on, I failed relationships and done. Many of my seemed to be restless and two bad marriages before I memories were too painful to moved around until I found a learned the lessons that life relive and others were buried happy place to be in Eugene, was trying to teach me. so deep that my memory was Oregon.