READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 29

THE SOURCE EXCERPT He barely took note of the white stairs with the silver banister and the overhead lighting which made the silver shine brilliantly. No, he was completely captivated and transfixed by the angel descending the stairs as if she were coming down from the heavens themselves. A New Hot Futuristic Romance Novel by Christine Murphy Coming in December 2013 Synopsis for: THE SOURCE After a powerful influenza strain wiped out the population, what remained of the World’s Nations met together to stabilize and repopulate the Earth with BioGen as the controlling Government. No, not an angel, because she was even more beautiful than the angels. She was so tiny in comparison to all the other women he had ever been with, her height being no more than five foot three at the most. Her waist was tiny but she was filled out in all the right places and he clenched his hands with the desire to touch every inch of her. The jeans and pink t-shirt she wore fit her to perfection accentuating Births were artificially engineered and the her curves. As she moved with such grace and delicacy her females who carried the genes became long honey blond hair brushed her shoulders and her known as The Sources. golden skin glowed with health under the overhead lights. When one particular Source, Crystal, begins to question her purpose in life and wants more outside the norms of society, BioGen must find a way to keep her happy and willing to do their bidding. The leaders of BioGen have determined the only way to do this is to hire a Companion to keep her occupied. The first time Nathan sees Crystal he knows there is more to her than others have led him to believe. Her kindness, her innocence, and her desire to learn the world and everything about him, when others have only used him, draws him to her more than anything else could. Forbidden love grows between them and they must go on the run as BioGen discovers the liaison that can never be. Nathan must make the ultimate decision to save Crystal before she is forever taken away from him. Completely captivated, all Nathan could do was watch her as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Silently she approached him, almost like a cat, her eyes downcast so that all he could do was look at the perfect sweeping honey blond lashes covering her eyes and the full pink lips which suddenly had his full attention. All of that changed, though, when she stopped before him, only inches away, and looked at him with the lightest blue eyes he had ever been blessed to see. In that moment he couldn’t move, he could n’t breathe, and Nathan knew in an instant he was in deep, deep trouble. “Hi. I’m Crystal,” was all she said but the sound of her melodic voice traveled the entire length of his body. “Hi, I’m…” the sound of his voice was raspy and he cleared his throat before continuing. “I’m Companion 96.” THE SOURCE A KnightFall Collections Novel Nathan and Crystal will defy the rules of a futuristic society to reclaim the freedom to love. Crystal’s eyebrows drew together and she bit at her bottom lip. Nathan couldn’t help the instant draw of his eyes to her sweet mouth. At that moment he absolutely cursed the person who had made up the rule of no touching. What he would give to have just one kiss from her sweet sensual With no one to help them, BioGen hot on mouth. He wondered what she would taste like and his their heels to retrieve a Source, a ?[??KH[?]?]\?Y[[??[?[?X?\][??[?X[?[??]\?Z[?Y?]?H\?\?Z\????][?[??\?[?[XZ?HH?[???H?[?[?H\??[??H??H??YH??H?H[??\????[?N???\?[?[]\?X???????B???'H??\??[??H????Y[??H[?H???\?H[[?[?????\??]?\????Y]H?]??\?X?????K??\?[ H?\?H??\??H?YZ??[?H[?\???X?Y^\?[??K??][?H??\[?[??[?[?][?????YH\????]\?^H?[Y?HH?[\???[??[?[??X?Z[HH??YY?H??K??'B??