READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 23

When you're 'more' than human, finding your soulmate isn't as easy as answering a few questions online. It's best to track down Campbell Consulting, a.k.a. the Matchmaker. In Charleston, South Carolina half-elf Lily has a birthmark her elders vow is a mystical promise of true love. So far she's yet to encounter Mr. Right in either the elf or human realms. Dare, a wood elf, has led the Matchmaker's security team for years. In town on a simple errand, when the Matchmaker disappears his future is turned inside out. And Amy Campbell is a completely human English professor about to discover the true magic of the family business... Click Here to Purchase Grant Barclay came to Charleston for a consultation with the Matchmaker, hoping she'd help him identify the magic that will preserve and protect his werewolf pack's territory. What he got was a cursed mark from the Matchmaker and no idea where to find h \???[X]K?[?[??\???\???XY]?H?[???[Y]?\?[?H??\???Z\?H[\??]?Y?\??H^H?^HY?H?]?]H?[XK??[?\??\???Y[??X??Y\?HY?[?\?HX]?XZ?\?[[??^]X?[?Z[????[?Z\???[X]\?]?Y[\???H[\??XY?X?\?H??Z[???Y?H[\??[?\????[?]Z]H???X?H?][?\?????X??\?H?\??\?B??\?H?]?\?X]?XZ?\?[^H?[\?[\?HXY?X?[??\??Y[?Y?H??[X]\?[??[??H]??\??[??YX\??XY?\??]?Y[?[?\??\?]???\??[?H?H^\?XY?X]\?\??^] ?\?[^H\???\??H??][?\??[???\?[?\H[?[????H?X[^?\?H?]X?[?YY??H??Y?X\??[\??]?Y?]HH]?[?[?[??\??XX?YH?]?????HX]?XZ?\???Y???????[??]??[YH[H[?Y?[?][H?H?]?X]?XZ?\????\??]Y?H[^I??[?^\?Y[??H?]\?[?\?[?XY?X?[?\??]???\?H?[???H??[?\??\??^H\?]ZX??H\????X?K??][?[??Y[????\??]?X[Y]??[[?\?Z[?H\???[ ????X??\?H?\??\?B??