READER'S ROCK LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL 2 ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 3 September 2013 - Page 11

ANDREA: Dan and I would like to collaborate on a story and bring the setting and characters from Dark Splendor or their descendents forward into a contemporary tale. As soon as we can sync our schedules we will get a story underway. Dan is the author of the Jason Cosmo fantasy series and a number of novellas. He is currently completing a novelization of an internet game along with his publishing duties. I’m currently editing my backlist titles for e-publication and completing Guns and Garters, a western novella and a sequel for a colonial romance that is on the horizon. The western romances, Devil Moon and My Only Desire should see publication in September. In addition to your writing what are you involved in? My son has been my first reader from the beginning. He is now my editor and publisher (and he is harsh). That said, I cannot imagine any of my books completed without his input. What inspired you to write a gothic? Most authors can say that certain authors have influenced them along the way. In fact, when it comes to my own gothic leanings I’d have to say that for me you are one of those authors. Who are the authors who have influenced you? that was, I said yes. She asked for a proposal. A few months later we signed a three book contract and my book Dark Splendor became the launch title for a line of sexy Gothics. My success was due to good luck, good friends and a lifetime of reading. Many writers pen stories from childhood on. I was a late bloomer. I sold my first books less than two years after I began writing. ANDREA: My husband was a veteran’s advocate for many years and I assisted him in that work. Currently, my focus is family. We have grandchildren and even greatgrands who are my joy and delight. My elderly mother may soon be coming to live with me. I foresee some sewing and gardening in my future. I know you enjoy cooking up wonderful stories, but do you enjoy cooking up yummy meals as well? If so, do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share? If not, what is your favorite food that you don’t have to cook ?S??PN?^H?X[Y?H[\?Y??\?H?YHX???Z\? ?[Z[H[????[Y\???Y[?\? ? H?Z?H[??[???^\?[?\?H??Y[?\???[????H??\??]?H???[??[??H?[YH?^H ?\?H??\??[?[?XZ?[??YH?K?HH]?H?[??]?H?]?[???]?[?KY?]?H?Y[??????[??\??]?Y[?????Y ?H????[?H]?HH?Y?H?X?\H???Y[XH?[??\??\??H??\?K????]8?&\?]?\??YH ?[??H\?X?X[H?[??HH]?H[??Y[XH B??^H?]??]H?[??H]]??\?HY?]H??\?YKY?\??X?H?\???Y??[?X[??[Z[??Z\?[??Y[??H[?YH??[??Y?[?\?H[?[??Y?YH?^H??[????X[??K?\?H]]???X]Y?\?X?\??????[?YH?]?H?HY?\?[??\?H?XY\??YX\?Y?\?YX\??\??]\???H\?H[?^\?X\??[??[?S??PN?^H?\??Y?????\?HZ[YY]?Y?[?[???\??Y? ?x?&[H?[X\??[?????H??XZ?[??[??H??[\?\?H??X[??H\?H]]??[??\????]?H?]?[?X\??] ?HY^H?\?H??Z?X?[?]\??YH??]X??XY[??X\?\?K?]H???\?[??HH?\?[?[????]?\?[H?XY??Y]?\?H]??YH?HX?\?Y]]???[??H]]??&\?\??[?[???H?\?X?\??[?\??Y]?[??]Y\?[?[??\???H[?YX??]?\??XY[??\?\?[??X????[???[??ZY????X?H]?HH?]\?H[?HY?XY][]Y\????X??[??H?[?\???????]\?H[?H???[??Y[?[?Y] ?HY]?\??YY?H??[??????]HH?^H??X??]??YXH?]??