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Jenn Ryan is an urban farmer and perennial garden enthusiast,

mixed media artist, yogi, mead maven and staff at an advocacy

center for folks wrapped up in the criminal justice system. As

life is both beautiful & devastating, she aspires to cultivate a

life of simplicity, focused on good health, good works and #lovelovelove. She lives in Northern Michigan with her her partner

E and dog-daughter Ruby. Jenn's artwork is available at

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C.K. Kochis is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who transformed her coaching practice as the foundation of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. As the Founder and Publisher of her health and wellness magazine, she is providing a forum for people to share their personal stories, professional knowledge, and healthy eating options. When Cindy is not working on her magazine, she is a virtual

assistant, author, grandmother, and sassy redhead. She self-published “Get A Compass Not A Clock” (available on Amazon) and “Unleash Your Inner Story” (ebook). To read her story, visit

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