Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 11 | March 2017 - Page 49

When I first met Lea Tran and she described her healing work using plants and natural elements, I cried …

Tears of joy, that is. It felt so right, like recognizing something I always knew to be true and yet had somehow forgotten.

This sacred knowledge was something I felt deeply and intuitively as a child, and yet it had been pushed into the recesses of my mind. I had never truly forgotten – how could I? It was a knowing within, even if our frenetic modern culture barely gave a nod in the direction of this tremendous source of ancient wisdom.

Sure, I still loved a walk in the park or a sunset on the beach, and I’ve even been known to hug a few trees (it feels great – you should try it!). There is so much more healing and wisdom that is available to us. Being in closer touch with nature holds the grounding and the affirmation that so many of us are looking for – whether we are aware of it or not – as the antidote to our high-stress, disconnected modern life-style.

My soul missed this deeper connection and longed to have it as part of my life again. Speaking with Lea, I felt as though someone was speaking an ancient language I recognized and understood.

Lea's teachings focus on teaching people how to connect with the Five Elements in Nature to create more balance and purpose in their lives.

The work is experiential, using metaphors and imagery, to make the

gifts come alive in a very personal way for each individual.

The five elements are: earth, air, water, wood and fire.

Earth's gifts are the characteristics of sympathy and compassion. Using the gifts of this element, Lea shows us how to use compassion to help us have the courage to let go of our ego's high expectations.

Air’s gift to us is uniting us with the Divine. In our everyday lives, the gift of Divine connection helps us to attach to our values.

Water is all about the opposites of fear and courage. Lea’s teaching guides us in how we can use the other elements to support us in transforming fear into courage.

Wood is all about setting boundaries and standing up for our authentic selves. So once we have our courage (the gift from the water element), we can stand up against our ego's high expectations and live according to our values.

Last, but not least, the element of fire is about happiness and connection and how we feel when we are living according to our values.

It is one of the most profound experiences to be able to feel our connection to each of the elements, and to truly receive the gifts each one hold for us. The five elements of nature are healing, helpful forces that are eager to lend their gifts to us in living our best lives.

The Gifts of the

Five Elements in Nature

by Reba Linker