Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 11 | March 2017 - Page 38

her realize that she did not “RUIN” anything and was in fact doing things just right. Further than that, telling her that there is no “one program fits all” and that every woman will do things a little differently helped her see that she can bring more flexibility into how she was follows the recommendations and guidelines provided.

~ Be true to you! Jax's larger than life personality was what made her unique and fabulous, and I did not want her to lose herself on her journey to health. I asked her to redirect her total commitment, enthusiasm and dramatic flair into her friendship with herself. I asked her: “what would you say to a dear friend if she told you she ate two pieces of pizza?” and she answered without missing a beat: “I would tell her to enjoy it!” I asked her if she enjoyed her pizza and she said no, she felt too guilty and ashamed. I asked her if she can make a commitment to treat herself as she would treat a dear friend, with total love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness and I could see the light bulb flashing brightly in her brain! “Aha!” She said, “Yes! I will be my best friend from now on, no more shame and guilt!”

That commitment to befriend herself as she went through her health journey was one of the most important decisions and she embraced it like only Jax could, with total commitment and a heart full of love and passion. She became an inspiration to everyone in the group and one of her favorite things to say to anyone who was struggling was: “Ha! What would you tell your best friend if she was going through that? Tell that to yourself!”