Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 11 | March 2017 - Page 30

presence and experience.

What if we were all that tuned in to our own purpose and worth, the value of all that we are to everyone around us and the world? What if we trusted that who we are is exactly what we were created to be? What if we didn’t think about the “what if’s”?

I love to watch my 21-month old grandson. He studies everything, and always finds joy in it. He wants to be noticed and holds nothing back. He doesn’t have to think about what he wants in any given moment. He talks when he wants to talk, he laughs, he hugs, he runs, he climbs, he sits to rest (only for a second). The point is, he is just doing what he was created to do; unabashedly sharing his life force with the world. He doesn’t ask permission.

The sad thing is that the older he gets he may begin to stop and think about who he is and whether there is anything wrong with him and all that he’s meant to share with the world.

Would that we be like a toddler, like the tulips, like all the flowers, plants and budding trees you will enjoy this Spring. Maybe this Spring we can decide to “know” what we were created for – to bloom in all our glory, shine in all our brightness.

I think one of the reasons I love the beach so much is because in the same way flowers show off, waves, in probably the most mighty way on earth, are a wonderful example of “being” who they were meant to be, giving what they were meant to give.

As you enjoy Spring flowers and summer beaches, be a part of the “knowing” you exist for a reason and “knowing” that it’s beautiful!

Knowing, (and of course) smelling the flowers.