Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 11 | March 2017 - Page 28

My dream is to live on the beach, however I am grateful to live in Oklahoma where we experience every season fully. There’s something about all of them I love, but I feel enveloped in bliss on a sunny 75-degree day, and I admit to longing for everyday to be like that. I think that’s why my favorite season is Spring, because every day isn’t like that, which makes me appreciate it so much more.

We had a handful of freezing temperatures and a couple of snows this year, but otherwise my heavy coat didn’t get much use. In fact, in February we had six days with temperatures in the 70’s and three days in the 80’s, with the eleventh hitting 89°. Needless to say, I’m a happy camper and getting to spend a lot of time outside.

With the warm weather, my daffodils have already bloomed (before February was over!). They are always some of the earliest Spring blooms. It amazes me how they know just when the time is right to grace us with their unique, Spring gift.

One of my favorite things to do in Spring is to go to a nearby park that beautifully bursts with tulips. I frequent the walking trails often throughout the year, but there’s something giddy about those first tulips pushing through,

I imagine them as ambassadors of

new beginnings and the wonders

life has in store. They make me

so happy!

Taking advantage of

the gift of one of those

perfect February

days, I noticed the gorgeous shade of green tulip leaves pushing toward the sky, making way for their vibrant colors to present themselves and announce Spring.

They have perfect timing. Not one will hold back. Not one is screaming this is too hard, or I won’t be as pretty as you, or is upset

because the day for blooming didn’t

come on the day they thought it

“should.” No – they just shoot

toward the sky until all their

mesmerizing beauty and bright

shades of happiness

are seen and

blessing the


It always makes

me wonder why,

if a tiny flower can

know its

purpose is to

burst into full

bloom, why is

it so hard for

Even a Flower Knows

by Ruthie Lewis