Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 11 | March 2017 - Page 20


So often, we spend time doubting ourselves, worrying or even worse, listening to others, even if that other is one that you created - your ego. I encourage you to let go of those worries and from this moment forward, to be blessed with the wonder that you are. You are the most amazing individual imaginable and there is no other like you. Your heart is the embodiment of you.

Preparing for Heart Meditative Writing or Writing from the Heart:

•A quiet space is important; no distractions

•Music with no lyrics

•Light a candle

•Blank Journal

•Writing utensil

•Heart Writing Meditation

Heart Writing Meditation:

Close your eyes and inhale, taking a deep breath inward. Exhale. Upon the next deep inhale, place your left hand over your heart. Exhale. On the next inhale place your right hand over your left hand. Exhale. Keep your eyes closed and listen deeply to the beat of your heart. Sit for as long as feels right. Open your eyes and begin to write.

Allow the words to flow. Your words are beautiful. They make sense to you. Do not stop. Allow the flow of your sacred heart to bring forth your inner wisdom. One breath. One beat. Write, allow the essence to freely flow. This does not have to “make sense.” I would encourage you to not stop until you feel it is finished in this moment. There is no wrong way to complete this. You are the master of your own heart: your words, feelings and inner wisdom. Enjoy this beautiful blessed moment. No worries about structure, grammar and so forth. Your heart and soul do not care about the how; “they” care about the being. You are being amazing!