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Teaching Us How to Allow Love

An Interview with

Natasha Botkin

If you have true inner peace, nothing will rattle you. Your most prevalent growth occurs in the darkest moments. We grow in the dark. The dark is where the most beautiful creations begin.”

Written with love by

C.K. Kochis; page 40

Monthly Features

One Woman's Story of Healing


We tend to be perfectionists and many years of dieting have taught us that we are 'on' or 'off' a diet and to see ourselves as being 'good' or 'bad' with every choice we make.”

by Rachel Kieffer on

page 26

Are You Supported

by C.K. Kochis on

page 12

5 Steps for Keeping Promises to Yourself

Whatever it is, we have to have a conversation with ourselves about what we will allow ourselves to get away with. There have to be negotiables and non-negotiables."

by Patricia Young on

page 14

Writing from the Heart Part 2

"Our heart speaks love from us, not from another; it is from deep within.”

by Natasha Botkin on page 18



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