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by Natasha Botkin


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Within each of

us is a dear

heart that

wishes to speak

its truth. Are

you listening?

What if your

heart is in a

million pieces;

how do you to

tune in and hear

your soul?

Your heart plays a tune that only you can hear - a sound that resonates through your body. One breath, one beat, one moment in time brings forth the requisite that is necessary to tap into your essence. The one and only that of which you are. Not who you believe yourself to be, but rather the manner upon which the Divine created the miracle to behold, which is you.

The spark creates the miraculous miracle that is you. There is no time within the stillness of soul time. Souls know no time. Souls only care about the growth that you are here to behold. It does not matter if it is a second, a day, or a lifetime, as you are growing, evolving and learning.

When we turn inside, we hear the beat of our miraculously beating heart. Thus, we tap into our miracle. I encourage you to take a moment and place a pen in your hand. As the pen sweeps

across the blank canvas of the paper your true heart appears. Oftentimes, one spends time looking for answers, when the answers lie within. No one else holds this power, only you alone can answer that which calls to your heart.

That is not to say that we are all taught patterns and believe that this is the one and only; when habitually it is not even close to what our heart speaks. Our heart speaks love from us, not from another; it is from deep within. I recall one of the most difficult conversations of my life, had between one of my children and I, and the moment within that conversation when he said, “I do not wish you to influence me!” In that moment, a flash zipped from deep within, and I heard, “You know he is correct.”

So often, we spend time doubting ourselves, worrying or even worse, listening to others, even if that other is one that you created - your ego. I encourage you to let go of those worries and from this moment forward, to be blessed with the wonder that you are. You are the most amazing individual imaginable and there is no other like you. Your heart is the embodiment of you.

Preparing for Heart Meditative Writing or Writing from the Heart:

•A quiet space is important; no distractions

•Music with no lyrics

•Light a candle

•Blank Journal

•Writing utensil

•Heart Writing Meditation

Heart Writing Meditation:

Close your eyes and inhale, taking a deep breath inward. Exhale. Upon the next deep inhale, place your left hand over your heart. Exhale. On the next inhale place your right hand over your left hand. Exhale. Keep your eyes closed and listen deeply to the beat of your heart. Sit for as long as feels right. Open your eyes and begin to write.

Allow the words to flow. Your words are beautiful. They make sense to you. Do not stop. Allow the flow of your sacred heart to bring forth your inner wisdom. One breath. One beat. Write, allow the essence to freely flow. This does not have to “make sense.” I would encourage you to not stop until you feel it is finished in this moment. There is no wrong way to complete this. You are the master of your own heart: your words, feelings and inner wisdom. Enjoy this beautiful blessed moment. No worries about structure, grammar and so forth. Your heart and soul do not care about the how; “they” care about the being. You are being amazing!

Part II: “Last month I wrote about writing from the heart. This month, I offer more insight as well an an exercise you can use to write from your own heart.”

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