Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 11 | March 2017 - Page 16

in ourselves when we keep breaking promises to ourselves. And, how can others have confidence in us, if we don’t trust or have confidence in ourselves, right?

Here are 5 Steps for Keeping Promises to Yourself:

1. Create Sacred Space – Sit in silence for a few minutes and connect with yourself (preferably in a space that you find relaxing). Give yourself permission to get the clarity you need about what is non-negotiable and what is negotiable in your life, business or job.

2. Write Them Down – You can use a beautiful journal that inspires you. There’s a special kind of magic when you write down your promises to yourself. Be specific but keep it simple. You can start with small promises so you can start collecting evidence and building your own trust.

3. Revisit Your Journal Daily – Connect energetically with your promises by reading them every morning and evening. You can also create notes that you can keep visible, or set up reminders on your phone during the day.

4. Keep Track of Your Progress – Journal about your progress. Reflect on your wins and your challenges. Think about what you are doing well, and what you need to continue to improve.

5. Celebrate Yourself! – Following through not only gives you satisfaction, and a sense of great achievement, but it also raises the trust and confidence in yourself. Make sure you honor yourself by doing something special to celebrate you!

I invite you to ask yourself: “What do I want most?” What are your biggest goals in every major category in your life, for example: spiritually, financially, professionally, emotionally? What do you want more than anything? And then, when you’re really clear on what you want most, ask yourself: “What am I doing now that is slowing my progress towards what I want most”?